Since its beginning in 1936, Brenderup has been on the way forward and along the way our trailers have become even more equipped. The product range has simultaneously grown and we’ve produced products for all types of transport. Today we are Scandinavia´s leading manufacturer of trailers – so it’s no coincidence that we place reliability, function and modern design, as well as the best safety possible, at the top of the agenda. Our wide range of accessories makes our trailers extra flexible. 

With the trailer as a starting point, we at Brenderup want to solve all sorts of transportation tasks. It’s no wonder that our range is very wide. Through long experience,we know that a good trailer should be: rugged construction, robust chassis, have good driving characteristicsand the best possible safety.

Low built single axle

Serie 1000

Small versatile trailers suitable for do it yourself purposes: from camping and leisure to moving garden waste ang goods. All trailers comes with a V-shaped drawbar that helps you in driving safely to you destination. The trailer can be easily stored in a vertical position in order to save space. Huge accessory program available.

Serie 2000

The 2000 series are a durable flatbed trailers that has a low load height and high reinforced side panels of 40 cm as standard. An easy to load trailer, they come in a range of sizes with single or twin axle and braked versions. There are also tilt versions with back panel ramps available. All versions are fitted with with internal lashing eyes for secure loading of goods. As always Brenderup offers a wide accessory program for our trailers.

High Built

Serie 3000

Serie 4000

Low built auto transporters

Our low built car transporter have been built purely for transportation of vehicles. Smart details and durable construction makes this trailer a first-hand choice for example mechanics and racecars. The trailers comes in different lengths and widths. Hydraulic tilt, winch and ramps are standard equipment

Multifunction trailers

MT Serie

For contractors and plant users that need a safe solution to transport their machinery and excavators. Low loading angle thanks to the longer reinforced ramp. The long walkable mudguards makes it easy to step in and out of your vehicle. Bucket rest and heavy-duty jockey wheel is standard.

Uni transporter

Solidly constructed, tippable trailers for professional users transporting construction equipment, cement mixers, garden equipment and the like. Tailboard with access ramp, recessed tie eyes and winch is standard equipment. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.


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